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Creations by R​uth Ann


NOTE: My site, as an Independent Authorized Fashenhues Distributor, i​s set up for you, 

​as the Consumer, Student, Hobbyist , or Shop Owner to learn more about the magical 

world of the Awesome Fashenhues products.

Note: Shopping Cart is through Pay Pal

If you choose not to use Pay Pal, I do have an etsy site

that you can purchase through. The price is higher through

etsy because they charge more for this service.

Until I get all the changes done, to be able to handle

your orders, the Brushes go through Pay Pal and the

Fashenhues products still go through etsy.

For those of you who pour, I am a Distributor for​ some of our industries​ Mold Dealer's,

and a Distributor for some others.

Please contact me for your Discount amount, as they vary, company to company...

Below you will find the company names & links to most of their websites

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