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Creations by R​uth Ann


NOTE: My site, as an Independent Authorized Fashenhues Distributor, i​s set up for you, 

​as the Consumer, Student, Hobbyist , or Shop Owner to learn more about the magical 

world of the Awesome Fashenhues products.

Note: Shopping Cart is through Pay Pal

If you choose not to use Pay Pal, I do have an etsy site

that you can purchase through. The price is higher through

etsy because they charge more for this service.

Until I get all the changes done, to be able to handle

your orders, the Brushes go through Pay Pal and the

Fashenhues products still go through etsy.

Coming soon... "My Version of Fairy Houses"

and "Book 2 Technique Sheets"

Creations by Ruth Ann

Technique Packets & Book

Tech book with 12 packets - $100 (An immediate savings of $20,

and an additional 50% savings on all future packets as

they can be purchased at $5 instead of the $10 Retail price.)

All projects are done with Fashenhues products.

Single Technique Packets - Retail $10 each

Packets Presently Available:

Winkin - Gnome;

Doc Holiday Hummingbird Stepping Stone;

Susi Sunflower;

Dragonfly Villa;

Tampa Bay Night lights -

Church, Watermill, Lighthouse, &

Country Scene

Cinder Dragon,

Borus Gnome,

Gigantus Mantus,

Harvest Wreath,

Nativity Cross,

Small Dragon #1,

Small Dragon #2,

Feltie Owl,

Creature Cross,

Eagle Cross,

Clay Magic Nativity Angel and Wingstand,

Poinsettia Cross,

Rose Cross,

NBE - Monarch Welcome Plaque,

Christmas Tree Fairy House,

Footprint Cross,

Doc Holiday Driftwood Eagle,

Google Eye Pumpkin,

Frog Stepping Stone,

Magnolia Cross,

Todally Welcome Frog,

Nurturing Elephant,

Kimple Santa with Globe Night Light,

Western Santa,

Dogwood Cross

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